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Turn Your Car Into An Adventuremobile With Carrier Racks

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The list of supplies and toys that you need for even the smallest camping trips can be quite extensive. You often find yourself cutting out essential gear in order to make room in your car. This is just one reason why you should consider investing in a roof carrier rack system. It is a great way to reduce the clutter inside your car and make your long road trips more enjoyable. This article gives you a basic guide so you can be prepared when shopping for carrier racks.

The Footing System

The first thing you need to figure out is the footing system. The footing is where the racks are attached to the actual roof of your car. If your car already has racks, you obviously do not need to worry about finding the right footing. Most footing systems are attached to the gutter and the top of the doors. However, you can find a footing system for just about any type of car, truck, van or camper shell. Just remember that the footing system is permanently attached to the roof of your car and it should be installed by professionals.

Accessorizing Your Roof Racks

Once you have installed the footing system to the top of your car, it is time for the fun to begin. At this point you can start to accessorize by investing in different bike, kayak, surfboard, ski, snowboard and cargo holders. Most system are made so you the various holders can be interchanged. For instance, you would have a cargo holder on one side and bike rack on the other. By investing in more and more different types of racks, you can be fully prepared for any type of camping vacation, no matter what the season.

Cargo Boxes

However, most people choose to invest in a cargo box first. It is the most practical and useful accessory you use on your racks. It is essential in any camping trip because it allows you to store all your extra gear that might not fit in the car. Most people are tempted to fit the largest possible cargo box that will fit on their particular car. However, a box that is too large will decrease the gas mileage of your car and make it more difficult to drive in the wind.

Investing in carrier racks for any type of car will completely expand your traveling possibilities. You can get the most out of you car and have a lot more fun on your next adventure.


7 August 2015