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Why Should Every Athlete See A Physiotherapist Regularly?

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You may think of a physiotherapist as someone who deals with sports injuries, but there are several benefits for athletes who see a physiotherapist on a regular basis. Here are some of the main ways that a physiotherapist can be an invaluable part of your training.

Improving Your Movement Mechanics

Especially for very active people, your repeated motions can take a big toll on your joints and bones. Even a slightly uneven stride can put a lot of pressure on one side of your body.

A physiotherapist can help you to correct your walk so that it's even and so that you're landing properly with each step. This way, your knees and leg bones will absorb the shock correctly with each stride.

The therapist can also help you correct problems with your running stride and other athletic motions, such as jumping. If your takeoff is too strong, it can damage the tendons in your feet, for instance. Getting your movements evaluated and corrected can help you prevent injuries in daily life and in sports.

Recommending Protective Exercises

When you are increasing the intensity of your exercise, a physiotherapist can help you prevent burning out your body and getting injured. The doctor will monitor the elasticity and strength of your muscles and recommend certain stretches and exercises to support your athletic training. The physiotherapist can also recommend tools to protect weak points as you exercise. For instance, ankle splints or knee wraps can help prevent injury in patients with weaker joints.

If you are training hard for a new goal, your physiotherapist might recommend lifestyle changes that can help you meet that goal. Things like customized ergonomic shoes and chairs can help prevent unneeded strain on your body as you train.

Help Reach Benchmarks

If you are trying to reach a certain goal for increasing your athletic abilities, a physiotherapist can help you to train in ways that support your entire body's wellbeing. For instance, if you are training a specific muscle group, your physiotherapist will point out related muscle groups that also need to be strengthened, and they will help you to also increase the flexibility of those muscles.

As you can see, physiotherapy has several benefits for athletes who visit even when they're not injured. Consider adding a physiotherapist, like those at Pleasantview Physiotherapy, to your training routine when you're increasing in exercise intensity or training for a specific goal, or simply to protect your everyday health as an athlete. 


5 August 2015