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Four Simple Ways To Get Your Child Ready For Swimming Lessons

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Regardless of your reason for enrolling your child in swimming lessons, doing so is important for the child's safety. The Canada Safety Council reports that drowning is the most common cause of accidental death for children younger than 10. Although you might have visions of your child knowing how to swim so he or she can enjoy pool parties and beach vacations, making the decision to visit an athletic centre for swimming lessons can have life-altering benefits. Many children are excited to begin swimming lessons, but a fear of the unknown can cause others to be apprehensive. If your little soon-to-be-swimmer needs some encouragement, here are four ways you can help.

Focus On Fun

Don't promote the idea of swimming lessons from an angle of safety. Instead, consistently stress how much fun the child will have not only at the lessons, but in the weeks, months, and years afterward upon learning how to swim. Share some of the fun memories you have made that involve swimming and explain how the child will be able to create his or her own memories too.

Shop Together

If your child hasn't ever been swimming, a simple way to promote excitement before the start of the lessons is to shop for a bathing suit. Visit a store together and find a bathing suit that the child likes. If he or she is experiencing a case of the nerves before the first day of lessons, getting changed into the new bathing suit can generate some excitement for this new adventure.

Learn On Your Own

When a young child begins swimming lessons, the teacher starts by working to get the class members comfortable in the water; it'll be a little while before the child learns the front crawl and how to treat water. Because so much of early swimming lesson success depends on a child's ability to be at ease in the pool, use your own backyard pool or visit a friend who has a pool and carry the child around the shallow end. Some playful splashing can familiarize your child with the pool and have him or her ready for the first day of lessons.

Get There Early

Rushing to the athletic centre before the first lesson, getting the child changed quickly and hustling out to the pool deck can be overwhelming. Ease your child into the idea of swimming lessons by arriving early enough that you can stand and watch an earlier lesson. When your child sees other children the same age splashing and enjoying the water, it can increase his or her excitement.

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14 July 2015